Good Practice Catalogue

The LSCB is collecting examples of good practice from the frontline. Specifically, we would like to collect examples of interventions (single or multi-agency) which have made a positive outcome on a child or young person’s situation. We are keen to develop a systematic way of capturing and sharing examples of good practice that shows the positive difference your work has made.

We are asking professionals to complete the form below, as part of their regular supervision, peer review or team meetings and share with us, as well as your views about what it tells us about how things are working.

Practitioner Forums

Good practice examples and cases are regularly shared with attendees of our Practitioner Forums (via our Audit and Practice Development and Early Help Teams), come along to take part in discussions. Please see Practitioner Forums

What happens next?

We will add your submissions to our developing good practice catalogue. This catalogue will act as a ‘learning system’, by encouraging us all to reflect on our practice and then plan for improvement. We view your feedback as essential and can turn this into progress and improvement.

Some common themes when looking at good practice are leadership, partnership working, engagement between young people and frontline staff, assessment and planning, relationships between agencies and staff, learning from serious case reviews, multi-agency training and learning etc.

We are happy to accept anonymous submissions if you prefer. Please use the template below.

Submit a good practice exemplar

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24/08/2016 257k

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