Started in 2015, Cumbria LSCB now reaches over 200,000 readers a day

We at The Cumbria LSCB blog are a group of moms and dads who strive to bring you the latest on parenting, child safeguarding, personal growth, business, travel, and more. We hope that through this blog we are able to create a community of like-minded parents going through similar experiences as we do every day.

The Cumbria LSCB Blog is not just your standard blog – it is curated by a team of experts in various fields to ensure that you are getting the most relevant content for your needs.

There are several ways that we provide content to you:

  1. News articles on parenting, child safeguarding, personal growth, business and travel.
  2. Blog posts about the latest in these areas, including the latest news and research on these topics.
  3. Expert interviews with all the latest experts in their field (who have been hand-selected by our team of experts).
  4. An interactive platform to talk directly to other parents, experts and even the writers of these articles via comments as well as on our social media outlets.
  5. An experience that is curated for you every day by our team of experts.

How Cumbria LSCB Blog Started

The Cumbria LSCB blog began in August 2015 after a conversation with several parents at a playground in Cumbria County, England. These parents were concerned with the lack of information on child safeguarding, parenting and personal growth available to them – and they decided to do something about it.

They created The Cumbria LSCB blog as an online community of like-minded parents who can come together to share their experiences, ask questions and most importantly – find the answers that they were looking for.

The Cumbria LSCB blog will continue to grow and develop as we receive feedback from you, the readers.

Our aim is to provide the best in quality information for parents who are looking for answers about the latest in parenting, child safeguarding, personal growth and business. We want to provide content that is carefully curated and relevant. We want to be a forum where like-minded parents can come together and share ideas and experiences without being on their own.

If you are new to our blog, we welcome you to join us on this journey. If you are a long-time reader, we welcome your feedback and input as well so that together we can make this the best platform possible to share information and stories. We hope that you enjoy reading our stories and find them relevant in some way. Please feel free to comment if you have something to say or share some advice with us as well. We are always open to discussion.


The Cumbria LSCB Blog team.

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